2010 Volume 2 Journal


    Customer Behaviour and Expectations in the Hospitality Industry

    The increase of sophisticated customers is the result of better education received and the convenience of information search. However, the large variety of choice offered in the market leads to higher expectations in the final product received. As a result, new trends keep arising in order to satisfy these new expectations. Hotels often aim at providing quality guests service by offering experiences which exceed customers’ expectations.

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  • darkT

    Dark Tourism

    The notion of tourism in general is rather broad. There are numerous types of tourism that are aimed on fulfilment of different customers’ needs. Tourism and travelling have become not only a means of satisfaction of spiritual wants, but also most people’s lifestyle. For ages people from all over the world were interested in destinations, connected with death and suffering of the old.

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  • bruce-DFront

    Employee’s Motivation in Hotel Industries

    Employee’s motivation in their work plays an important part of the business’s power of productivity and efficiency. Providing employees with incentives, inspiration and a positive atmosphere can motivate them to superior performance in their jobs. When employees are happy with their jobs, motivation tends to increase, so does productivity, helping the business advance.

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  • greene

    Conventions and Events Going Green

    Events have existed throughout human history in all cultures in all time. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the contemporary era. Due to globalisation events are no longer operating at only national level but on an international arena.

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  • catha

    Marco Polo Club Frequent Flyer Programme

    Cathay Pacific Airways was awarded ‘‘Airline of the year 2005’’ by Skytrax. In recent years, there is increasing competition among airlines companies to gain more loyal customers. This has made the airlines introduce the frequent flyer programmes which is meant to offer free flight and free upgrade classes to members based on the number of points or mileage accumulated.

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  • thai4

    New Trend of Rural Tourism Life in Thailand

    The Thai government has established a project called ‘One Tambon One Product’ as a revenue-generating program to the local communities. And after all these years the trend of tourism has focused more on ecotourism, heritage tourism and rural tourism.

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  • russia-tourism

    Tourist Potential in Russia

    Russia has a special place with WTTC researchers. Experts of council consider that the Russian tourist market will develop radically, the investment boom will go on for the next 10 years and Russia will enter into the top three of world leaders investing in the tourist market

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  • women

    The Growing Trend and Popularity of Women Hotels

    It is becoming more difficult to survive in the world of tough competition. Product industries strive to create and launch innovative products to attract new and retain loyal customers. Service industries, in their turn, also put all their efforts to improve the level of services provided in order to achieve the main goal – to satisfy customer needs. Hospitality industry, being the biggest and fastest-growing service industry in the world, is not an exception.

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  • uwink

    An Analysis of Technology-Based Service on a Fast Food Restaurant ‘uWink’

    Technologies change the nature of service and the way to interact with guests, but technology always exists at the assistant level . Some of the restaurants however, would like to alter the position of technology. They are using technology as the main tools for service and human staffs may become less involved in service in the future.

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