2010 Volume 1 Journal

  • timeshare

    Contemporary Issues in the Timeshare Industry

    Travel is always a very important part in our life. It leads to the incessant development of tourism today and one of the most popular types is timeshare.

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  • bern

    The Introduction and Effects of the Smoking Prohibition Law in Bern

    According to Swissinfo 2008, the law on prohibition of smoking in bars came into effect in 2009 in Switzerland. As there are many people suffering from the effects of smoking, government decided to intervene and solve problem in this way.

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  • Czech

    Analysis of Beer Tourism in Czech Republic

    Whenever someone hears of Czech Republic, the first thought that comes to their mind might be the Prague Castle or they might think of beautiful churches, cathedrals, and monuments, but interestingly enough the second most popular tourist attraction in this country is beer. In fact this country is ranked as number one with respect to beer consumption.

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  • korean

    An Analysis of Current Issues which effect Korean Customer Buying Behaviour in Tourism

    Due to the fact that the lifestyle of Koreans has changed according to a new environment, their demands to travel have become intensified. This increase in demand, has resulted in the Korean tourism administration trying to respond to diverse requirements from the tourism consumers.

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  • global

    Global Warming: The Rising Threat to the Ski Resort Industry

    During the last 5 years, global warming has always been one of the biggest hindrances to the development of the worldwide tourism industry. Any climate change will lead to the change of the landscape and, hence, heavily affect the attractiveness of a tourist destination.

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  • space2

    Space Tourism: A Critical Analysis of its Market Demand

    Space, the wideness of the universe, has always fascinated mankind. The very idea of looking down on the earth’s surface and floating between billions of stars creates passion and excitement in everyone. Until now it was only a dream, but with the start of the 21st century, the fulfilment of this dream is nearer than ever.

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  • emo

    Emotional Intelligence and its Application in the Hospitality Industry

    Years ago it was believed that academic intelligence or, simply, how clever a person is, matters significantly with respects to a successful work performance. According to Daniel Goleman, the new judging yardstick is the emotional intelligence (EI) or ability to recognise and handle our own emotions and those of other people.

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  • rsa

    Impacts of World Cup 2010 to South African Tourism Industry

    The World Cup can divert almost everyone’s attention, even people who know little about football, into the host country. As a result, the World Cup in the past years has boosted the tourism industry in whichever country the event was held. In 2010, South Africa will have the chance to taste that atmosphere and this will also be a perfect time to promote their tourism.

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  • armani

    Brand Partnership in the Case of the Armani Hotels and Resorts

    In the 21st century, the concept of bigger brands in the hospitality industry buying smaller brands to strengthen their business has become more common than before. However, it still has some disadvantages that have not been overcome. Accordingly, brand partnership has started to overcome these obstacles and difficulties to become a new trend in hospitality industry.

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  • thai2

    Socio-economic Impacts of Medical Tourism in Thailand

    Medical tourism can be defined as the act of travelling to another country in search of economical and specialised health care services and an acceptable quality of well being and recuperation. Thailand is located in the heart of Southeast Asia and is a fabulous tourist destination due to its modern infrastructure, wonderful beaches, mountains, captivating culture and cheap prices.

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