2010 Volume 3 Journal

  • cruise

    The Cruise Industry and its Future Development

    In last few years, the cruise industry has developed quickly which had a constant, high rate of growth, and became very popular. There is a change in passengers that were traditionally retired, wealthy and looking for a restful vacation. It has been pointed out that cruises are attracting a new generation of cruisers, like families and young couples.

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  • toronto

    Cultural diversity in Toronto and its Potential in the Hospitality Industry

    The hospitality industry is one of the most important sectors, which contributes to the success in economic growth of a country. In the rank-board concerning the number of international tourist arrivals in recent years in the Americas, Canada is a fascinating destination that stood at third position and had a significant increase in its tourism revenues. Cultural diversity is a remarkable feature of this country.

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  • haiti

    Haiti as a Potential Disaster Tourism Destination

    Disaster tourism is a sub-category of grief tourism, or as it more commonly known – dark tourism. Dark tourism is the act of travelling and visiting to different places all around the globe, where death or deadly actions took place

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  • identity

    Identity Theft in the Hospitality Industry

    Technology, which changes and updates incessantly is one of the fastest growing industries. It has enormous impact to the global industries. Hotels, resorts and hospitality industry are a part of these; they are increasingly issuing and applying high technology.

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  • emirates

    Target Market and Marketing Strategies of Emirates Airline

    Eleven years ago, many people realized how important children are to the society. Today, Emirate Airline Company knows that targeting the kids market could bring a number of benefits to the firm. Last summer, Emirates Airline Company launched a global 'Kids Go Free' campaign that was very successful.

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  • trend

    The Expansion Trend of Hospitality in 2010

    Since early 2010, many popular newspapers have been filled with all articles about new properties or expansion of various hospitality organizations: “Starwoods opens 1000th hotel in China”, “Rezidor announces Radisson Blu UlaanbaatarW Hotels, Mongolia” or “Hilton signs new property on Nile”, “Marriott International plans two more hotels for China”.

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  • volunteer

    Volunteer Tourism

    Volunteer tourism is a combination of tourism and volunteering. Volunteering means practice of people in order to solute the other’s problems without taking any benefits from it. It can be considered as a self- so the organizational motivation for promotion and improvement of peoples life.

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  • radi

    A SWOT Analysis of the Greening Programme in Radisson Blu

    In the last few decades, there is a significant increase of environment conscious topics that have arisen. Tourism is one of the major industries in most of the countries, and the related industries such as hotels and airlines are also influenced by this trend. In the hospitality field, environmental concerns have always been a hot trend since the late 1980s.

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  • casino

    Development of Casinos in Singapore

    It is not surprising that Singapore invests its money in the development of casinos. In 2005, the Singapore government has already had an idea to put efforts on casino gambling. At that time, the government introduced the concept of “Integrated Resorts”.

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  • agro

    The Growth Agro-Tourism and Crop Products in Hospitality Industry

    Agro tourism has given a better opportunity for all to learn more about their health and having tours to spread the knowledge that is needed benefits this. Moreover, Agro tourism brings true experience to people who are curious about what they are eating and the way they plant the products on the farm.

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