2010 Volume 4 Journal

  • lasvegas

    The Effects of the Global Financial Crisis on Casino Resorts in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is the largest metropolitan area and urban area in Nevada State in the United States. It is located on northwest of Los Angeles and southwest of the Salt Lake City. Gaming was legalized by the state of Nevada in 1931, and Las Vegas is the main gaming centre in the world now.

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  • vietnam

    The Development and Sustainability of Tourism in Vietnam

    In spite of being a small country in term of square, Vietnam possesses one of the greatest histories in human beings. From the day the sovereignty was established, Vietnam suffered consecutive invasions from other great countries, for instance: China, Mongol, French, Japan, and America.

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  • offroad

    Offroad Adventure

    There is variety of ways for tourists to choose their vacation. Most of them choose somewhere which has luxurious, comfortable facilities and careful service to relax. Some people though, who are bored with normal life so they decide to enjoy their vacation by challenging themselves with exhilaration and danger, so they choose off-road adventures.

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  • kenya

    The Impact of Tourism in Kenya

    The matchless wild nature and coast of white sand attracts about 780 000 foreign visitors to Kenya annually. Tourism brings approximately US$192 million annually, making this sector a greatest source of a foreign currency. As well as in everything, in this income is not only a positive side.

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  • spa

    Spa Tourism

    In modern life, the quality of life become increasingly demanding, people not only want to live full, more attention is that a healthy life, they not only want to enjoy life, and more focus on enjoying life in healthy way. What is the healthy way, a healthy diet, a healthy pace of life, as well as to participate in healthy tourism in their vacations.

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  • taiwan

    Long Stay of Japanese Tourists in Taiwan

    The term “Long Stay”, most of people will think in about nursing house. There had a new definition developed from Japan since 1980. After World War Two, the baby boomer generation now is going to be retiree. A considerable retirement pays from the government. Therefore they could have more choices for their own retirement life.

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  • hlo

    Creating a Hospitality Learning Organization

    Competition is increasing and the worldwide economic downturn has influenced many organizations. It is hard to become successful or even survive in the business’s ‘battlefield’.

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  • hongkong

    The Development and Trends of Hong Kong Tourism

    Hong Kong is an international city to which the tourism industry contributes a major part of economy. There are about 29.59 million visitors that arrived in Hong Kong in 2009 and there is marginal increase of 0.3% compare with 2008.

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  • three-gorges-dam-china-2

    The Impact of Tourism on the Three Gorges Reservoir Area’s Environment

    With the era of mass tourism, tourism brings a country or a region economic development, cultural prosperity and social progress. Tourism also brings different impact to the natural environment. All kinds of tourism development should be depends on the situation of the region's natural resources.

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