2011 Volume 1 Journal

  • MED

    The Product Growth of Club Med

    Club Méditerranée is also known as Club Med, which founded in 1950 by Gilbert Trigano and Gérard Blitz. It was the first company to provide all-inclusive holiday in resorts. (Cassedy 2002) The idea of Club Med is created a happy place to let the people to experience the joy in the resorts. Club Med had created a unique culture which is calling their guests as Great Members (G.M) and the staff as Gentils Organisateurs (G.O)

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  • FASH

    Fashion Week’ and its Impact 
on Tourism in New York and London

    What is Fashion Week? ‘Fashion week’ has always been an attraction for famous models and designers. Basically, Fashion Week as it says is an event for one week. It permits for fashion designers to exhibit their latest collections on runaway shows for the people involved in this industry to review the current trends.

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  • skil

    Labour and Skills Shortage Amongst Differing Hotel Classifications

    Hotels around the world are struggling to attract and retain qualified workers and this causes a huge problem to the hotel industry, as skilful workers are essential to provide good quality services. However, this may not be the case for some lower star-rating hotels as Israeli mentioned that the classification system is related to the price and also the quality, therefore a 5-star hotel should provide better quality services than a 3-star hotel.

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  • bav

    Relation between Infrastructure and Promotion of a Destination. Case Study Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany

    The following work is a proposition to estimate the relation grade of an established infrastructure and promotion strategies in terms of tourism destination, which is related to the personal interests of the author. For over viewing the case study the Butler's Destination Life Cycle theory and McCarthy 4P's model were chosen.

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  • eur

    Cultural Heritage Tourism and European Capital of Culture

    The European Capital of Culture was started in 1985 and this event has allowed many countries to showcase and promote their cultural heritage. This is also an opportunity to attract tourists from all over the world to explore and increase their knowledge about particular cities. It even gives the chance to local people to discover new things about their place of birth.

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  • cuba

    Travel and Tourism in Cuba

    Cuba as an island there has been various tourism activities attracting a number of tourists. Cuba is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, thus there is no doubt that the image of Cuba is always with fantastic coast side and crystal clear water. Sunset, sand and sea (3S) are definitely the treasures of Cuba that is able to bring many tourism businesses.

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  • bul

    Developing Adventure Tourism in Bulgaria

    Tourism is fast growing industry and each year more and more people are involved in this market field. Adventure tourism is a part of this industry and it can be defined like “an increasingly widespread phenomenon, appeals to an expanding proportion of the population who are seeking self – fulfillment and excitement through participating in physically and mentally stimulating activities, travelling to remote destinations or engaging in ‘adrenaline-rush’ experiences as part of their tourist experience.”

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  • tai

    International Taipei Flora Expo Implications for the Environment and Customer’s Behaviour

    The main purpose of this report is to describe and analyze the environmental implication and the influence of the Taipei International flora expo 2010 in the population’s living attitude toward its environment as a consequence of the Taipei International flora expo 2010.

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  • Great-BA

    Last Chance Tourism

    Tourism industry means permanent changing because customer’s needs are always different. This is the reason why destinations are reinventing themselves and why new types of tourism appear. To understand what last-chance tourism is, it needs to look first at the tourism definition. Tourism is a composite of activities, services and industries that deliver a travel experience

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  • Mizo

    Mizoram- A Potential Tourist Destination State in India.

    According to Boniface and Cooper (2005 p.41), “An area may have tourism potential- a favourable climate, attractive scenery, hospitable people and a range of resources awaiting discovery. However, it will not become a viable tourist destination unless it has: at least one attraction that could be promoted as a unique selling proposition”.

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