2011 Volume 2 Journal

  • gal

    The Environmental Impact of Tourism on the Galapagos Islands

    Visiting natural environment is more and more popular in tourism industry. The main reason is lots of people such as nature-lovers, ecotourists and scientists love to know more about the nature which is far away from their countries. Thus the motivations of escaping from cities are widespread changing environmental attitude, development of environmental education, development of environmental mass media (Lindberg, Wood and Engeldrum, 1998).

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  • ist

    Development and Sustainability of Island Tourism and Bali

    A wonderful and full of mystery destination, mixed with their local cultural and the special relationship between the local people and the God, which is a paradise for tourists, called Bali in Indonesia. Due to the growth of tourism in Bali, impacts on environment, life of local people, cultural and hospitality has been shown.

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  • sha

    Impacts of Shanghai Expo in Hotel Industry

    Since a great exhibition of London started in 1851, Expos have held worldwide (Hogg 2010). Expos are showcases of technology progress and they mostly have positive effects to cities and regions, for example income, employment and infrastructure. They also provide opportunities of communication, investments and others development.

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  • int

    The Impact of Internet Marketing

    The Internet is no longer an unfamiliar term with everybody. According to the statistic, there are about 220 million people using Internet in the United State and half of them having Internet access at home (Kotler, Bowen and Makens, 2006). In the future this number will increase more and more. What are the reasons for the spread of Internet?

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  • fes

    The Impacts of Festivals on Tourism

    Tourism is one of the most developing and fastest growing industries in the world. There are many kinds of tourism and one of the oldest is cultural tourism. Cultural tourism spreads among those tourists, who are going abroad to see and discover cultural events of visited places and through participating in them (Asturias, 2010).

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  • viet

    The Development of Beach Tourism in Vietnam

    Vietnam is a growing economic country and tourism is considered as an export value industry in the country’s policies. The numbers of tourists visiting Vietnam is providing strong revenues for this country (Ilene, 2004). Vietnam offers various types of tourism and beach tourism takes an important role in this industry.

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  • mu

    Music and Tourism

    Music is the depicting of the human spirit, similar to language. It brings people together and creates universal community and it is also a way for people to express themselves. Therefore, today, music becomes more important and it also affects the emotion of human in the whole world.

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  • san

    The Tourism Development of Coastal Cities in China

    China has been claimed as one of the largest countries in the world. It has broad territory that bordered by 14 other countries and over 1.3billion people. Since the vast area and large amount of people, China has huge potential for exploring tourism. China hasn't started the tourism industry for a long time.

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  • ind

    Economic Impacts of Terrorism on Tourism Industry

    Tourism, just like any other industries, is not independent and free from external influences (Cooper et al. 2008). To a certain extent, tourism is much more vulnerable and sensitive to outer impacts than any industries. And the security and safety of a tourist spot are highly concerned by tourists. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow, 1943), safety is the second basic human need that has to be fulfilled.

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