2011 Volume 3 Journal

  • w

    The Success of Boutique Hotels: A Case of W Hotels

    Organisations can be seen metaphorically as a culture (Brooks 2009). In terms of the hospitality industry, since boutique hotels are new to the hotel sector, they can be described as a whole new culture. Boutique hotels can be seen as a lifestyle product which have a chic design and are mostly fashionable and modern (Page 2009).

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  • viet1

    Volunteer Tourism in Vietnam

    Volunteer tourism is one of the major growth areas in contemporary tourism (Callanan and Thomas, 2005). According to Callanan and Thomas (2005), in a short time, volunteer tourism has become a huge market facilitated by many factors, for instance, the growth of volunteers projects and participants, the variety of destination promoted and the number of organizer (charity foundations, tour agencies).

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  • haoat

    The Effects of Natural Disasters in Local Tourism, and Recovery Strategies in Haiti

    Haiti also known as the Republic of Haiti is a Caribbean country. Along with the Dominican Republic, Haiti dwells the island Hispaniola, in the Greater Antillean archipelago. Port-au-Prince is the capital of Haiti. Haiti measures 27,560 sq km and has approximately 9,035,536 (Jan 2010) inhabitants.

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  • sent

    An Analysis of how Resorts World Sentosa Implements Technology into its Organization

    The hospitality world has entered a new era. An era that revolves around the provision of the best services to guests in an attempt to dominate market share. With better training and education all around the world, high end luxury hotels are finding out that quality service with a smile is turning out to provide a lesser competitive edge.

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  • cirk

    Impact of ICC Cricket World Cup on Tourism in India

    Many factors influence the tourism statistics of a particular country like the new attractions developed in a tourist place, cultural festivals, natural scenery and many more. An increase in GDP because of tourism can be noted in many countries. International sports events such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and Common Wealth Games certainly increase the tourist flow in countries which are holding these events.

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  • org

    Future Development of Organic food in Hospitality Industry

    Food is definitely what human beings survive on. However, people seldom think about how the process of producing food works. Do people ever think about how did the vegetables grow and how the meat was raised. In the past, the answer for most people was no.

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  • v2

    Ethnic Cultural Tourism In Vietnam

    Culture Tourism is known when travellers visit a country or places where there are variety activities such as historic places, museums, cultural attractions. Culture tourism is one of the most popular types of tourism because it attracts a lot of tourists in the world.

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  • online

    Consumer Behaviour Perception of Online Booking and Reservation

    In 1994, the Internet was invented. Since then, it, especially the worldwide web (WWW), has been used widely and rapidly. According to Zins (2007, cited in Woodside A. et al., 2010), the Internet is now one of the most vital tools for consumers to collect information since the tourism industry is information-intensive (Ku E.C.S., 2011).

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  • socme

    The use of Social Media as a Contemporary Marketing Tool in Hospitality Industry

    Social media is relatively new internet phenomenon, which provides the access to the virtual society. People can be the members of the same environment and have a real-time interaction with each other, despite that all of them could be located in different parts of the world.

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