2012 Volume 1 Journal

  • nz

    Adventure Tourism in New Zealand

    Adventure tourism is the type of tourism that is associated with physical exercise and engagement with nature. It also creates the tourist the feeling of excitement, demands physical and mental efforts, is involving a kind of risk, expectations are depending on the experience of the participants and can be dangerous for the participants.

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  • religion

    Crisis Management Case Study: Spiritual Tourism in Arizona

    “The word crisis is derived from the Greek “Krisis” meaning decision or turning point” and nowadays is “ broadly understood as a shock or turning point for the tourism industry” (Santana, 2003 cited in Laws et al., 2007, 6). According to Glaesser (2003) a crisis is a moment of difficulty, an undesired situation for a company, which can be cleared only by an immediate managerial action. Crisis management does not talk only about how to overcome an impediment but also how to prepare for a potential barrier and what are the best ways to react when a blockage crops out

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  • airlines

    Employee Motivation in Airline Companies

    Motivation is one of the most important definition to understand human nature, to fulfill this, it is necessary to look at the different motivation theories. Due to Adam Smith (1759, cited in Mackay, 2007) “ individuals are interested in, and directed by, their own economic well-being”. His definition is quite simple but it has a gap, that not all people want to reach something which is connected to their economic situation (for instance volunteers in a nursery, they do it but they are not paid for it).

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  • online

    Online Booking in Hotel Industry

    With the increasing popularity of the use of the Internet and there has been a dramatic proliferation of research concerned with Internet impact in hotel industry. A cyber hotel not only means that it is equipped with the internet interface or provides internet access, but more important is that it builds a hotels’ own brand web site for customers to browse, provide self-service accessibility. The main function here is to use the Internet for marketing, public and promotion and online booking.

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  • indo

    Risk Management in Development of Marine Tourism in Indonesia

    According to lonely planet (2011), Indonesia has 17,508 islands and has written in Guinness book of Record as the largest scuba diving lesson with 2,465 participants and 2,468 divers (Lonely Planet, 2011). It is located in South East Asia and the grandest archipelago in the earth. The range of the country is lying in between Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, which create marvellous diversity of coral reefs and natural resources in most of the seas in Indonesia.

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  • bala

    Rural Tourism in Hungary

    In Hungary foreign tourists are interested in three types of rural tourism. First, people like to go for a holiday in countryside and get an accommodation there, because of the low prices. Second, they want to participate in folklore programmes and watch horse-shows in the “puszta”. Third, they want to know more about traditional gastronomy and go for wine tasting programmes. (Rural Tourism International.org, 2005.) The “Urlaub am Bauernhof” supply was growing in Austria and Germany, which means “holiday in a farmhouse”.

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  • hk

    Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong

    Tourism has always been popular. The temporary visits to other countries and traveling have become very popular in 20th century. During the mid-twentieth century people traveled mainly in European countries but in recent years Asia (China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc.) has also become popular for tourists as well as Europe. People always want to try something new and unusual. That is why in the last 20-30 years there are various kinds of tourism such as: business tourism, sightseeing tourism, sports tourism, adventure tourism, medicine tourism, shopping tourism and others.

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  • skyrail

    Sustainable Development of Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

    Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, which is located between Cairns city and Port Douglas, Australia, is one of the well-known sustainable tourist attractions in the world; it got lots of international and local tourism awards. (Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, 2011) This 7.5 kilometres cableway was created in 1987 and over 7 years construction, now it is not only becomes an important role in Australia for protecting the nature, but also attracts lots of people come from different countries.

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  • armani

    The Implementation of Fashion Branding Adapted by a Fashion Hotel in Dubai

    Branding is obviously a concept of great value in our days. It symbolises identity, what companies represent, and it can tell a lot to customers about the companies values and what they stand out for. Doyle describes a brand as “a name, a symbol, and a design” (Doyle, cited in, Marketing in travel and tourism, 1989, p.198). Branding plays a huge role in the visual but it’s a strategic marketing process. This literature review is going to show the relationship between the brand and the customer.

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  • mauritius

    Travel and Tourism in Mauritius

    Mauritius is a small volcanic island situated in the Indian Ocean, more precisely about 2,400 kilometers away from the southeast coast of the African continent. In addition, the Republic of Mauritius also includes islands like Rodrigues, Cargados, Carajos and the Agalega Islands. However, here all the focus would be given on a particular island, Mauritius. Mauritius is best known for its 3S, that is, sea, sand and sunset. The small paradise island comprises of thirteen glorious beaches, each with a sparkling crystal and turquoise waters with white powder sand.

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