2013 Volume 1 Journal

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    A Multi-Faced Character of Tourism: A Case Study of Tourism Development

    The “tourism development dilemma” states that tourism delivers advantages and impacts from different points of view such as economics and politics. Accordingly, Sharpley and Telfer (2008) agree that multiple issues are raised as developing countries receive foreign aid. Burns and Novelli (1999) elaborated on this idea by affirming that the reason of these impacts is that many governments aim for wealth and development, but all the actions come with serious consequences for the local communities. According to Gill and Law (1988),

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    An Analysis of the Customer’s Perception about Destination Marketing: The Case of New Zealand

    Tourism has been one of the fastest growing industries in the past few years. This sector generates 12% of the total GDP worldwide (UNTWO, 2006 cited in Hamid et al., n.d). The tourism sector also generates employment for 200 million people around the world.

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    An Investigation of the Prevalence of Electronic Word of Mouth Communication in Hospitality and Tourism Industry: A Case Study of Singapore Airlines

    Customers usually determine complex choices in their buying behaviour (Green, 1977; Wind, 1978 cited in Dibb, 1998). In order to respond to the authors as mentioned above, consumers buying behaviour in the hospitality industry has constantly been one of the most interesting topics, universally studied in recent years.

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    Assess The Effectiveness of Knowledge Sharing Strategies In Organizations Using Kolb’s Learning Styles: A case study of Ritz Carlton Hotel in Beijing, China

    Dixon stated in 1999, “We have entered the knowledge age, and the new currency is learning.” Intellectual capital and the management of knowledge are playing increasingly important roles in today’s organizational world (Chase, 1997 cited in Jarrar and Zairi, 2010).

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    Consumer Behaviour: The Motivation Factors to Travel for Food and Beverage in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is well known as being a shopping paradise, it is also known as a food paradise. Restaurants are all around and one can choose different types of national food customers’ want and only within a street or a shopping centre. As an example, APM which is a shopping centre in Hong Kong with eight floors including 84 restaurants (Sun Hung Kai Properties, 2012).

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    Global Warming and Its Effect on Tourism in The Maldives

    “Our country will not exist” (Nasheed, 2009). This is the eventual reality that climate change will cause on The Maldives. The eventual non – existence of a nation is a deafening notion that cannot be ignored or simply not be given enough prominence. The effect on tourism, however, which is the nation’s primary form of income, may actually have a more immediate impact than the rise of sea levels.

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    The Development of the Gambling Industry in Macau

    Macau, as known as the Las Vegas in Asia, has been voted as the biggest gaming city among the world in 2006 (The New York Times, 2007). Since 2002, Macau’s gambling industry is opened to international, thus attracting a lot of large chain hotels and casinos to invest there. In 2012, there are already 33 casinos operating in Macau.

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    The Factors Affecting the Intensity of Rivalry in the Global Hospitality Industry

    The globalisation of the hospitality industry has brought about a new level of vision. A vision that encompasses vast knowledge, creativeness and imagination. This is to the extent that it seems to border on the line of fictional but yet possible dreams (Holjevac, 2003). With constant changes to consumers’ behaviour, the author feels that an individual company has to proportion itself directly with such demands and wants so as to claim the biggest share in their target market and yet retain the loyalty of its clients.

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    The Main Motivation Factors of Taking a Gap Year in Australia

    This paper’s main aim is to give a general overview about taking a Gap Year. Moreover it will talk about tourist’s motivation, to take a gap year using Australia as an example. In the second chapter a definition will be given and Australia as a popular destination will be discussed.

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