2013 Volume 2 Journal

  • paris

    The Impact of Fashion Week on Paris’ Tourism

    Being a world capital city of shopping and fashion, Paris can be considered the home of Channel, Dior, Vuitton, Yves Saint-Laurent among other top French top brands, attracting 44 million tourists each year, this way becoming, year after year, the most visited city in the world (Apparel Search, 2006).

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  • entre

    Entrepreneurship within the Hospitality and Tourism Business

    According to author most of the people would associate entrepreneur with a particular person or may be with a specific characteristics or particular personality. However there is no definition as such, which will be able to give exact meaning of this word (Lee-­‐Ross and Lashley, 2009). Lee-­‐Ross and Lashley (2009) to identify an entrepreneur it is very complicated because there they compose of variables.

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  • hospit

    To Identify the Reason Power and Politics Occur in the Hospitality Industry and Does It Influence an Employee’s Chance for Promotion

    The author would like to investigate whether power and politics within the hospitality industry affects an employee’s chances for promotion or do employees make a psychological contract in their own minds. In actuality, all organisations look for specific qualities in individuals during the recruitment process.

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  • jpan

    Tourism Destination Recovery After Crisis: Case Study of Japan Earthquake in 2011

    Bierman (2003) defined destination as “a country, state, region, city or town which is marketed or markets itself as a place for tourists to visit.” .A destination is like a product in the market to sell its consumers. According to CHIBA Hitoshi (2009), the Japan government releases an international tourism promotion drive in order to promote Japan as a tourism destination

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  • easy

    Pricing Strategy and Creating Competitive Advantage: The Case Study of EasyJet.

    The author is concerned that pricing strategies are very important in making a business successful. A pricing strategy is a complement of a pricing concept to a certain situation in specific period of time (Baker, 2000). He believes that marketers have to take into account the fact that price should not be over and under estimated. Jobber (2010) states that managers need to take into consideration, while setting the price, that it is a unit in the marketing mix and not an isolated element.

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  • eco

    The Analysis Of Marketing Effort For Ecotourism

    Tourism activities have been greatly rising, ever since the term ‘ transportation’ was coined; this phenomenon is a part of the globalization’s progression (Mustafa, 2010).

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  • bully

    Workplace Bullying in Hospitality Industry

    These days one of the serious concerns that society faces is workplace bullying, though it has not been long ago that it was first addressed as one (Porteous, 2002).

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  • greece

    The Development of Greek Tourism During Debt Crisis Period

    Gokay (2009) reported that 2008 was the start of the worst economic crisis ever after the Great Depression between 1929 and 1930. United Nations (2012) stated that after the fourth year, the world suffered from the global financial crisis and still found a way to recover

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