2014 Volume 1 Journal

  • burning

    Motivation and Expectations of Tourists at the “Burning Man”

    Nowadays people have great variety of destinations and events to travel to, but what motivates different market segments and how the decision making process is done that do tourist expect when going to The Burning Man (in Nevada)

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  • groupon

    Satisfaction of Online Group Purchasing

    The primary research takes place in Groupon Hong Kong, an online website which offers discount for online shopping within a limited time by having a certain number of people (Groupon, 2012). The trend of online group buying has been emerging for a few years and still a popular topic for researchers worldwide (Abraham, 2012).

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  • rio

    Analysing the Motivation of Visitors Attracted and Involved in Rio Olympics 2016

    For many decades, people have been travelling for big sport events (Keller, 2001). The modern Olympic Games are a mega sport event since 1896 in Greece. The Games are still alive after two World Wars, terrorists attacks in Munich (1972), riots in Mexico City (1968) and many different world wide problems (Groote, 2005).

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  • cathay

    CRM in Sustainable Customer Loyalty at the Cathay Pacific

    Cathy Pacific is an airline, awarded “Airline of the Year” in 2012, which has focused on building customer-supplier relationships by implementing different CRM tools (Skytrax, 2012). These CRM campaigns were introduced to make good use of the receiving personal data to enlarge the customer base also to build a direct and long-term relationship with selected customers (Peelen, 2005).

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  • india

    India as a Tourism Destination

    Negative image of India due to recent consecutive news related to female safety is in the spotlight. This not only drew local residents! outrage and government!s attention but also the worldwide awareness.

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  • kpop

    Influences of K-Pop Tourism to a Destination Image

    Korean pop (K-Pop) tourism is now leading more and more foreigners to visit Korea. According to the Korea Tourism Organisation (2012), there are total of 11,140,028 visitors travelling to South Korea in 2012. Comparing to 2011, the number of visitors growth 13.7% (Ibid). K-Pop culture influences a lot of fans travelling to the place of entertainment factory – Seoul, South Korea. CNN Travel (2012) adds that according to a Korea Tourism Organisation survey of 3,775 K-Pop fans in France, 9 out of 10 said they wished to visit Korea, while more than 75 percent answered that they were actually planning to go (Cha, 2012).

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  • strategy

    Adoption and Barriers of Marketing Strategy by Small Businesses

    The research is to find out the awareness and barriers of marketing on small business in Ghaziabad, India. There are varieties businesses in Ghaziabad. There are many hotels, retail shops, flower shops etc. These small business owners may be are not aware of social media marketing or maybe they don’t have enough knowledge about that.

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  • diving

    Scuba Diving: Travel Motivation of Malaysian Recreational Divers

    In several literatures, the academic profile for tourist motivation and the behaviour of tourists has been raised in several years. (Swarbrooke and Horner, 2007). Understanding how motivators affect the process of traveller and tourist’s decision-making can benefit the tourism planning and marketing. (Swarbrooke and Horner, 2007). One of the popular models to understand travel motivation is the “Push and Pull” model (Kim and Lee, 2002).

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