2014 Volume 2 Journal

  • Canoe off shore of the Hawaiian Islands

    The Impact of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on Tourists’ Motivation: An Analysis of the Hawaiian Islands

    “Trash in our oceans isn’t something to think about only on World Oceans Day [...]. It’s a pervasive and ever-growing problem” (Greenbang, 2012). Unfortunately, as the world population grew, so did the pollution of the oceans (Moore, 2011). One of the most dramatic concerns regarding this issue is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which represents an accumulation of debris inside the North Pacific Gyre. The waste keeps twirling until it degrades into smaller pieces and, eventually, micro particles, which end up being eaten by the marine animals and consequently, by humans (Ghaderi and Henderson, 2013).

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  • grand-hyatt1292904242

    An Analysis of Employee’s Career Development and Retention in Hospitality Industry: The Case of Grand Hyatt in Shanghai

    Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a hotel brand extensively recognised worldwide which developed for more than fifty-years (Hyatt Hotels Corporation, 2013). With strong aspiration to assist employees achieve greater professional succeed; Grand Hyatt Shanghai is committed to develop career advancement programs in order to accumulate the loyalty of staff members. In contemplation of retain employees, its pay much effort on creating a family-friendly atmosphere along with advocate to balancing work and personal life for the employees (Grand Hyatt Hotels, 2013). Recruiting and retaining employees has become a considerable concern to hospitality industry especially in China (Kong, Cheung, Song, 2012) Nevertheless, recruiting and retaining employees is difficult in China due to the demand of skilled and experienced employees increased rapidly

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  • regal-oriental-hotel

    An Analysis of the Phenomenon of Staff Motivation and the Job Satisfaction of Employees: Based on the Regal Hong Kong Hotel.

    According to U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (2007), the wage and salary of employees is expected to increase by 17% between 2004 and 2014. Comparing to food services and other industries, hotel industry is predicted to the highest growth rate industry. So more and more people are willing to work in a hotel instead of working in other industries. As well as the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer (2013), it also recorded there are 1.035 billion of international tourist arrivals by increasing 4% growth in 2012.

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  • lake-turkana-festival-2014-pic

    Cultural Tourism in Kenya

    “Cultural Tourism (CT) is a genre of special interest in tourism based on the search and participation of new deep cultural experiences, whether intellectual, emotional, or psychological” Stebbins (1996). Cultural tourism in Kenya involves the people’s way of life, their customs, work of art, handcrafting, the religion and the cultural heritage sites. Tourists that visit Kenya in regard to cultural tourism are interested in connecting the way people lived past or present

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  • macau-casinos

    Gambling Tourism

    “Gambling is inevitable. No matter what is said or done by advocates or opponents of gambling in all its various forms, it is an activity that is practiced, or tacitly endorsed, by a substantial majority of Americans” (Dustan, 1997). Gambling tourism is no stranger with people over the world. There are many countries, which famous for gambling tourism such as Macau, Singapore, Hong Kong but America is a favourite destination with people passion for gambling. There are some casinos, which were established from a long time ago. One of this is Casino di Venezia in Venice, Italy that is still operating now. Gambling was developed in many countries but America has been the place where this industry grown and expanded. But Gambling tourism was an illegal activity until 1931, made lawful gambling tourism was legalized in the United State that consist of Nevada and Las Vegas (casino-history, n.d). Gambling tourism is one of the social activities that happen in virtually every country.

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  • tripadvisor

    How Comments on Tripadvisor Influence Decision-Making

    TripAdvisor is known as one of the most famous pages for reviews about the Hotels and Restaurants. Hospitality is one of the largest industries, which is still developing. TripAdvisor was founded in 2000 and actually provides information for more than 220 000 hotels in over 30 000 destinations. Currently TripAdvisor.com has more 260 million visitors every month, over 150 million reviews and opinions and provides reviews for more than 3.7 million accommodations (TripAdvisor Fact Sheet, 2013). This social online media has the biggest impact to change the decision of consumer (Rodoula and Goldsmith, 2012). There are many websites, which provide this kind of service for example TravBuddy.com, Woophy and Passportstamp, but the TripAdvisor has the stronger influence of consumer. It is called a word-of-mouth revolution

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  • geneva2_2735807b

    Impact of Organisational Culture on Customer Care and Service Quality on the Example of Kempinski Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland

    According Herzberg, Mausrer and Snyderman (1959), customer care is a very comprehensive issue for that reason it frequently requires systematic analysis of customer needs and constant improvement of employees productivity. One of the good examples of this is Kempinski hotels' international chain. Also it is one of the best European luxury hotel management groups in the world, which has 62 hotels and resorts in Europe and Asia, and 43 more under construction in Africa and Middle East (Bruna et al., 2011). Furthermore it has created Kempinski Essential program for the employees of all hotel departments in order to provide to the guest highest quality service, on that point this program can be considered as a fundamental part of organisational culture of this company. Every organisation is an individual living organism, which requires “ system of informal rules” with the purpose of norms, values, convictions and mind-sets creation (Deal and Kennedy, 1988).

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  • spa-thailand

    Industrial Organisation of Spa Businesses in Thailand

    Traditional spas were founded over thousands of years ago. It was not so long ago since Jenner and Smith found that making the trip to the spa was one of the earliest forms of tourism (Tawil, 2011). Thailand was not exposed to spa concept until 1993 when Mandarin Oriental hotel in Bangkok opened its first spa in Thailand. Since then, the industry grew very rapidly (Johnston, 2011). The county’s early spas tended to be located and it’s become very popular in 20 years time because of the own techniques and meticulousness (Johnston, 2011). The best-known spa treatment is the Thai massage, which is now being exported all over the world. Thailand is widely known by a large group of foreign visitors for being a centre of ancient healing traditions and techniques.

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  • intercontinental

    Retaining Interns as Future Employees: Effectiveness of Internship program at InterContinental Hong Kong

    Along with the growth of hospitality industry, attracting and retaining proficient employees has been a challenge to the industry (Hudson, 2008). According to Solnet, Robinson and Cooper (2007), recruiting qualified employees can contribute competitive advantage in the views of hotel companies. In other words, the hotel companies can hire their potential trainees if they match with the company’s requirement. “Branding refers to a company’s efforts to help existing and prospective workers to understand why it is a desirable place to work” (Bohlander and Snell, 2010, p.184). InterContinental Hong Kong, informally ICHK, is an Asia-Pacific flagship property of InterContinental Hotels Group, the largest hotel group measured by rooms, with more than 672,000 guest rooms all over the world (IHG, 2013).

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  • The Olympic Rings hang from Tower Bridge after being lowered into position for display from the walkways in central London

    The Feasibility Analysis of Newly Opened Hotels’ Yield Management Strategies After The London 2012 Olympics

    Due to The 2012 London Olympic Games, the hospitality industry started to boom already in early 2007, when the capital of England was chosen as the host city of such an incredible international event (Attwood, 2007). According to Nicholls (2012b) after the announcement of success of London’s bid for hosting this event since 2005, 4000 new hotel rooms were building for the accommodation purposes of visitors, participants, politicians and media representatives. This was estimated as an increase of 33 % of the total number of hotel rooms within the central region of London (ibid.).

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